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Sushma Karki

Photo : Nirmal Shrestha
Hair and Make up : Sushma Karki
Location : Stanley Beach, Hong Kong

The weather was turning out to be chilly here in Hong Kong. It wasn’t an easy task to conduct a photo session in the beach with freezing breeze blowing. However, this actress was ready to face the challenge and hence Stanley beach became our destination for the photo session.

It was a gloomy and humid day as we reached out location, it seemed that the sun and the clouds were playing hide and seek.There was no way we could stay with warm clothes for a long time near the sea.This actress who has made her name for being glamorous started posing for the camera despite the weather. Seemed like that she had full control over the cold. The sun tattooed on her left chest suggested the same.

We learned that it was her long sought desire to shoot at the beach. Maybe it was the reason for her enthusiasm. This sort of shoot was the first time for her although she has had visited various foreign locations. After the shoot was wrapped up, there was a light grin on her face when we jokingly said ‘We had only heard that Sushma Karki was sizzling hot, this time we got to experience it’.

Courtesy: Saptahik Magazine

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